About us

We are three girls from a little island called Malta, who share the love towards anything which makes this life beautiful! And we believe that life offers many beautiful things.

Sunsets and tea are two of our favourite things. In a world which might seem overwhelming some days, we want this blog to be filled with many little drops of sunshine, that bring a smile upon your face.

We feel that there is so much negativity in the world right now. And we feel that positive things are getting thrown to the side and trampled on by the antagonism that is taking over the world. And so, the aim of this blog is to be a safe haven and a place which sings of all the nice things that we have all around us.

We take pride that our posts are 100% ours and prepared with much love and attention. Every image is our own. We took the photographs and painted the illustrations and paintings ourselves. So, we kindly ask you not to reproduce without our consent.

We hope that you enjoy your time here! You can also find us on facebook. If you want to contact us, even just to say hi, drop us an email here.

Keep spreading the smiles, and have a great day!


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