Gozo and its charming views

Gozo has to be one of my favourite islands on this planet. And that’s not because I’m from it’s slightly larger neighbour, but it’s because I truly believe that Gozo is one of the rare places that I’ve been to, which has kept its true charm. And going there on a yearly basis, it never ceases to convey the serenity and tranquility that this island holds.
Stepping onto this island, it feels like you’ve gone a bit back in time. Old men meeting up early in the morning and spending a whole day at the village square, below the ringing bells of the dominant parish church. Farmers going to work on their slow moving harvester, in the middle of what should be an urban road. The countryside… the country views… Maybe it’s because I come from an over developed island. But for me, all these things keep me coming back year after year. The below are some of my favourite views, in no particular order. Views that never cease to amaze me, even though I’ve seen them like a gazillion times.

  1. The Aqueducts

Gu0127awdex 133.jpg
Tucked away on the side of the road, from Victoria to L-Gharb are these beautiful ruins. Used during the 1800s by the British to transport water from Kercem to Victoria, this structure, now lies useless but magnificent for all of us to see. Try to visit them during sunset – trust me. It’s spectacular!

  1. Pjazza San Gorg, Rabat

Gu0127awdex 065.jpg
This is a tiny village square in the middle of Rabat, also known as Victoria, which is the capital city of Gozo. To get here you need to go through tiny alleys, which ultimately lead up to this charming square. With three cafeterias and a very dominant church, this square is always buzzing with both locals and tourists. While here, make sure to grab some pastizzi and a cup of tea (or coffee). Sit down, enjoy some people watching, and absorb the calmness of the Gozitan lifestyle!

  1. Mgarr port from the ferry

Gu0127awdex 046.jpg

Gu0127awdex 045.jpg
This has to be one of the least appreciated views in Gozo. Everyone is busy getting ready to disembark the ferry. The excitement amongst the people is increasing, as the island is getting closer. But with this, people fail to acknowledge the beauty of this port. So I suggest that, unless you are parked at the front end of the ferry (if so, please get down and drive or else, the other drivers will curse at you!), stay on board and watch the view as the ferry docks in the port. Totally worth it!

  1. L-Ghar tal-Mixta

Ramla bay is one of my top beaches in Gozo. Most of the beaches on this island are all undeveloped, retaining their natural beauty. However, this one is my favourite to swim in. But seeing this beach from this cave (Ghar in Maltese means cave), is a whole other thing. So if it’s not too hot to handle, grab your trekking shoes, get yourself to this cave, and enjoy the view! (If it’s too hot, just go to the beach and chill!)

  1. Wied il-Ghasri

Gu0127awdex 202.jpg
This one is a bit tricky to find. But hey, what is Google maps for if not to help us get to these kind of places? Wied means a valley, and this is a valley in which you can swim in. Cool, right? And not many people come to swim here. So you might have this all to yourself. Those 90 steps to get down here, are definitely worth it.

  1. Giordan Lighthouse

GhawdexGrupp_Dec08 044.jpg
This tiny island is full of hills, and you can take this to your advantage to see all of the island in one glance. Cittadella, for example, is a tiny fortified city built on a hill. You can enjoy the most beautiful views from there. But it’s full of tourists, trying to take the perfect picture. So if you want to enjoy the views in peace, go to the hill where the Giordan Lighthouse (better known as Il-Fanal ta’ Gordan) is located, breathe in the fresh air, and take it all in. This is Gozo. If you want this to be more romantic, go there for sunset!

  1. Dwejra

Gozo Summer 2016 042.jpg
Speaking of sunsets, this one has to be at the top of my list. Dwejra has been in the news a year ago, with the collapsing of the Azure window. It was devastating to hear, and people still go there to see where this beauty once stood. However, Dwejra has much more to offer than the Azure window. One of them being this sunset. Make an evening out of it. Grab a pizza, a bottle of wine, your favourite human, or humans, and watch this incredible scene. With the sounds of the waves crashing on the rocks, and the smell of salty water in the air, this is nature at its best. We are just grateful that we get to enjoy these beautiful moments in the company of our loved ones!

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