Summer… and those beautiful memories

Summer comes by and goes, just like a flash of lightning. I can’t believe that it’s September already, and that Summer is drawing to an end. I’ve always loved this season, ever since I was a little girl. It always brought such wonderful times, and such fond memories of summers spent on the beach with my family, later on with friends, and now also with my husband. People in general seem to come alive in summer (unless the heat starts getting unbearable!). There are lots of events to attend to, people are more keen to meet up. Spending the night just laying on the beach is in itself something to look forward to.

There’s a famous quote going around, which says that the tan lines may fade, but the memories of summer will last forever. Nowadays we are lucky enough to capture these memories simply with our phone, and when the memories start to fade as we grow old (!), we can just scroll through the photos, and bam, there we go again.

In order to write this post, I scrolled through my Insta account (one of the best ways to keep my photos organised! 🙂 ) and I could see what made my summers special. Now just to be clear, I’m an island girl, and my love for the sea goes a long way. Imagine Moana running on the beach with her little pig. Okay maybe not that much, but still, I love the sea, and you will hear about it a lot in the next few minutes 🙂

I have split the best things about summer in 5 categories. So here you go:

Chillin’ by the sea

Be it during the day or during the night, the sound of the sea is always calming. I try to find beaches which are not that overcrowded. This proves a bit hard when you’re living on a very small island. Let me leave you with these wise words, words put so beautifully that I cannot add anything else to them:

‘Every time I stand before a beautiful beach, its waves seem to whisper to me: If you choose the simple things and find joy in nature’s simple treasures, life and living need not be so hard.’ Psyche Roxas-Mendoza

Building sand castles with my nephew at Ghajn Tuffieha, Malta
Gazing at the sea in Xrobb l-Ghagin, Malta
Ramla bay, Gozo
St. Peter’s Pool, Malta
My mood, all Summer long
Lopes Mendes, Isla Grande, Brazil

Those Summer Drinks

Cocktails. That’s what summer is all about. I know, beer is refreshing, and the occasional beer is good. However, cocktails are the way to go, especially if you’re on or near the beach. If you are at a more classy evening, then wine is a good option! It’s still refreshing and does its deed. But cocktails… they just spell summer all on their own! And if you live close to a pub which does happy hour on cocktails, then that’s just perfection!


And of course, Ice Cream!

Although nowadays you can find ice cream throughout the whole year (what’s this about? Madness!), ice cream is always best enjoyed during a hot summer day, by the beach, trying to eat it before it melts away. On the other hand, no matter where you eat it, it is always a wise decision to have yourself some. Because summer isn’t summer without ice cream!

Be it underneath the Eiffel tower…
Or in the narrow streets of Prague…
Or by the sea on a warm sunny day, ice cream is always worth it 🙂

The season comes alive with the sound of (live) music!

Now I know that music events happen throughout all of the year, but when summer is approaching, so much more music events start popping up. Huge festivals and open air concerts are some of the events that make me grateful that summer is here. There’s nothing better than listening to live music with the sun warming your face. Unless you go to a Northern country, and it starts to rain in the middle of a concert 🙂 But still, the lack of cold temperatures, and the warmth of the sun after it rains, makes everyone cheerful and the music makes everyone feel so much alive.

The sun setting at Rock Werchter, Belgium
Laying on the grass at Komm Schon Alter, The Netherlands
The enchanted, hippie festival called Earth Garden, Malta

The views

Sunrise and sunsets appear to be more magical during summer. Maybe it’s because the sky is clearer, or because the temperature is bearable to stay outside. But such views for me are breathtaking. They are like the beautiful backdrop for all my summer memories.

The magnificent sunrise as seen in Gozo
Sunset over the beach in Golden Bay, Malta
The breathtaking view from Ghar Mixta in Gozo

An obvious thing, something which I haven’t mentioned in this article, but I’m assuming that it’s a given fact, is that memories are not done on my own. The people who have been in my summers, who have drank cocktails with me, danced with me, laid lazily on the beach with me, are the people that I cherish in my life, and the people who have made all my summers the best that I could ever wish for. The photos may be a bit hazy, as they were taken with my phone, however what are memories, if not just hazy and fuzzy pictures that conjure all those special moments in one’s life, and make us beg for more experiences like the ones we had?!

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