Launched in April 2018, this section is dedicated to books and to the people who love, read, buy and borrow books. Mostly dedicated to fiction (but not solely), I aim to entertain you by revisiting books from the past and introducing freshly baked ones. I will include writers from all over the globe but will primarily focus on books written in English (or translated into English) and Maltese.

What about the title of the section?

First, I will be picking books off the shelves. Secondly, ‘pick’ sounds like pic. As a child I used to rely heavily on illustrations to help me immerse in the written story. As I grew, the illustrations became sparse, but my mind kept creating the images that the words elicited.

In the book reviews, themed lists of top 5 picks and whatever is published in this section, I will include many visuals. After all a picture is worth a thousand words, and that will hopefully help me keep my blogs as ‘short’ and sweet as possible.

Many thanks for visiting.

Maria M.